A Map Of The Internet

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Data Visualization of the Internet Users, and the Penetration Rate by Countries in 2013

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A Map of the Internet tackles the misconception that the Internet seems like an equally distributed and freely approachable resource of everyday life. In fact, there is a wide gap between few developed countries where the Internet is commonly used and the other side of the world where the Internet is extremely restricted to the limited number of people. This data visualization reveals the inequality in accessibility that prevails across the world.

In this map, every country with more than 100,000 domestic Internet users represents data regarding the Internet use in 2013, in terms of the number of users and the penetration rate. The first indicator of the Internet distribution is the absolute number of people who have access to the Internet. The second one is the relative penetration of the Internet usage in each country, which signifies whether it sufficiently supports the liberal environment of using the Internet.

Data source: http://www.internetworldstats.com/

A Map Of The Internet, Sunghoon Kim
A Map Of The Internet, Sunghoon Kim
A Map Of The Internet, Sunghoon Kim

A Map of the Internet continues to the second part, where every country is sorted based on the number of users. This aims to take a deep look at the relation between the number of users and the penetration rate. When one country has its low figure of the Internet user, it does not always mean that it has inadequate accessibility to the Internet as there are some small countries with their high penetration rate, such as Iceland and Saint Lucia.