Transcendent Type

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A pair of posters that showcase experimental typeface design designed to transcend a language barrier between English and Korean

- Typeface Design

- Poster Design

Inspired by the quote from the Nuremberg trials, “individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience,” it is interpreted into typeface design that challenges to violate the most important typographical rule: legibility.

Legibility is essentially a standard that separates good design from bad design. This project started with a series of experimentation of not “obeying” such important rules of typography but looking for new and unique aesthetic that transcends legibility.

Another issue to transcend is a language barrier, which restricts people to comprehend typography unless it is designed with languages they are fluently speaking. To allow people to read a foreign language, Korean in this case, a set of Transcendent Type is presented as two different versions. Each Latin alphabet transitions to Korean alphabet, Hangul, based on its closest corresponding phonetic symbol, and vice versa.

Transcendent Type, Sunghoon Kim
Transcendent Type, Sunghoon Kim
Transcendent Type, Sunghoon Kim